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Hi, my name is Tom Ruzbacki, and I am the owner of SchoolPhoneStuff.com. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a great and simple way of complementing the fund raising for your child’s school. Together with my wife, we have raised 4 children and they all have had to raise money in one way or another for their school programs. That meant that my children had to solicit friends, family and workplaces by going door-to-door, collecting money, meeting deadlines, delivering products, and handling problems. Many times they would be selling something that our friends or family members really did not want or need. This is why I started SchoolPhoneStuff.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

A web site is created for each of the specific group/club that wants to participate in the program, such as soccer, football, band, PTA, etc. Once the web site is up and running, the school only needs to promote that web site.

Unlike other fund raising programs, there is not any cost needed to start. There is no minimum purchase or financial commitment by the school to start the program. All we need is some information and an image of your logo for the individual web site.

What SchoolPhoneStuff (SFS) Does For The Customer and School:

  • SFS Takes The Orders For The Customer On Line.
  • SFS Collect Money From The Customers.
  • SFS Delivers The Products To The Customer Via UPS or USPS.
  • SFS Will Handle Problems & Returns If Any Should Occur

The students and parents only need to go on social media (facebook, twitter, email, texting…etc.) and ask their friends, families and/or work associates to go to the specific web site to purchase what a customer needs for their phones and tablets while at the same time help out their schools.

Also the great thing about this program is the student:

  • Does NOT Have To Take Orders.
  • Does NOT Have To Collect Money.
  • Does NOT Have To Deliver Product.
  • Does NOT Have To Take Care Of Problems.

SchoolPhoneStuff.com will handle the orders, collection, delivery, return and problems if they occur.

Thousands of quality smartphones and tablet accessories to choose from at SUPER low prices.

Fast and easy delivery with great customer service that will keep the customer coming back for future accessories and future income for the school’s group/club.

The customer can take 20% of the entire order as a tax deduction on their yearly taxes .

  • The school’s group/club receives 20% of every sale that goes through the web site.
  • The revenue stream never ends. It continues even after the student has graduated, as long as the people use that specific web site.
  • The school can look on line at any time to see how much fund raising money is being generated. This will let you plan on income for upcoming events.
  • The benefits to the customer will keep them coming back for an endless renewable income for the school.
  • One school can have as many web sites as they want to generate funds for different group/clubs.

All you have to do to get started is fill out the contact information below. We will send you an information sheet to fill out and return to us along with your Logo for the web site. You can also contact us by phone and we will take the information needed. Within 48 hours, your school’s group/club will be set up to start making money. It Is That Easy!

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